Illustration Friday : Sea

Meet Antoinette. Antoinette watched Jaws one too many
times. As hard as she tries to relax and have a good time,
she can't help thinking about what lies beneath as she
stands in the water. She is terrified. And when she feels
that way, her eyes do something funny.

Antoinette was painted in watercolor and ink on
2.75"x3.75" amalfi cotton rag paper.
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ether said...

I like the treatment very much.

igotmoxie said...

SO cute! i love her little swim cap!!!

Natura said...

Like treatment and mood in your illustrations. She's very cute, love her face expression. :)

steve said...

I like how small this one is and how you used your mediums. Very cool little illustration.

Regina said...

I just really enjoy your style. Your characters are so lovebale. I also really enjoyed "holiday" and "imagine" which I was never able to comment on.
WOnderful job on all of them!

juliemc said...

"...despite the fact that she's only in two feet of water at the local swimming pool." I love this! She's the reluctant heroine.

Unknown said...

Lovely illo!! Very appealing!

Sean Hennessey said...


also, you've got some great others posts!

see you soon.

Anonymous said...

did you get a job number for this?

rania said...

Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

juliemc: the thought of her really being in a swimming pool....I like!

anonymous: job number, whats a job number, anonymous? are you haunting me? get back to work! hehe.

FRIZZ said...

Love you style - I'll be back!!

Julie Olson said...

tiny...now that's the way to work...doesn't take long. Although, my hand might not tolerate it. Like the flowers on the swim cap.

valerie walsh said...

always darling! i love your work!!!

Anonymous said...

Love her sleepy eyes, she is a sassy cutie...oh,love this illo!!!
-Marjorie Ann