one down.

Yay! I've almost completed one of my New Year's missions:
participate in more art shows. Today Scenic Artisan
and I dropped off artwork at the Montpelier Arts Center!
The show opens this Friday. Thats only two days away.
Less than one week into the New Year. Now thats crazy fast.

Now my next mission is to keep this pace up for the rest
of the Year.


igotmoxie said...

yay you two!!!

hey, i saw the thing in the post about the sudoku tournament. i think the special puzzles start in the regular post on the 9th.

would you and the mister like to go to St. Ex on wednesday for 'ipod dj night'?


rania said...


sudoku rocks. i am so gonna be in that tournament. been training all this week.

st.ex ipod dj night sounds groovy. i'll call you!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!!!!!! have you hit the coffee shops to display work? or small local artsie biznesses? (here in milwaukee, the eastside is the spot).... and greeting cards? you can always drop them off at the smaller stores and just show them your work--- they may just START hanging up work... (did that make sense?! hahaha).... sometimes starbucks displays work and even local colleges:)

best wishes on your goals and endeveavors! (spelled wrong, i know!)

igotmoxie said...

i have been f-ing up my sudoku's left and right. my confidence is at an all-time low. bah.

also, i am embarrassed to admit, i still have not watched my gocco vid. yet.
but i've been busy and feelin' poopy.

mebbe we can talk gocco on wed!!!!


rania said...

ellia, thanks so much! I'll try and see what I can do with local shops, coffee shops and all!....having work to sell and places to sell it is one of the main missions I have on my list for the year...

b., do you want to do a gocco play night some time this week? I just did last night (with a friend who had never heard of it before) and it was lots of fun! its like magic!

speaking of sudoku, have you seen the samurai soduko? Oh, my....insane.