thoughts asea.

This week's illustration friday 'sea' theme got me thinking
about the mediterranean sea. During my visit to Beirut
in December the weather was strangely warm, bright,
sunny, 70ยบ. Perfect weather. There was only one, maybe two
days where the weather changed and it rained a little.
And for those one, maybe two days, the sea turned crazy.

Here is a photo of the sea during a calm, warm, winters day
(and how it looked most of the time I was there):

Now a photo of the sea during a rainy, windy winters day.
Looks like a bad day, doesn't it? I couldn't get out on the
balcony to get a better shot because it was so windy:

And here is the sea view from the sidewalk of the 'corniche'
during the same rainy, windy, winters day:

The sidewalk is a couple of meters wide and a popular place
to hang out at most times of the day. Its kind of like a
concrete boardwalk with many mobile vendors with food, coffee,
renting chi-chas and offering shoe shines. What I like best
about the corniche is that when its really windy and rainy,
the water crashes so hard against the rocks that it sprays
everyone on the sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

I was in Beirut in December too, but the cornich was beautiful every day I was there. Beautiful realtive to cold DC.

I went running on it every other day, from the start near McDonalds down past the lighthouse. Great people watching too!

rania said...

Yes, great for people watching there!