Illustration Friday: Glamour

Meet Macy. Macy liked to experiment with different hair colors
to see if they made her feel like a different person. One day
she heard in the news that colored bubbles had been made,
so she stayed up all night and cracked the code. Her new invention?
A potion to make the colored bubbles match her patterned outfits.

Macy will be turned into a gocco print tonight,
with many glamorous colors.

She was painted in india ink on 6"x4" paper.
Come back soon and check up on Macy to see how
her colored bubble match her outfit!

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Ellen said...

This is really fantastic! You can tell you put thought into this. Great job!

Queen Tut said...

Lovely stuff, cant wait to see the coloured version!

rania said...

thanks so much! I'll be working on the print tonight....should have the colored version up on thursday!

Natura said...

She's great, her hair is what I like the most. Fun idea :)

Anonymous said...

oh! This will be fun!! Great design...she is such agreat character*~*
-Marjorie Ann

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished result, I love it so far.

Anonymous said...

Black and white Macy is looking good; Coloured Gocco style is eagerly being awaited :)

Unknown said...

Sooo cute!! Lovely style!

valerie walsh said...

love this and i can't wait to see her in colour!!!

igotmoxie said...

i love her!!!

we need to gocco soon!


juliemc said...

Can't wait to see her 'in living color.'

patricia zapata said...

love it! I really like the whole feeling of the illustration. She looks great in color too...just took a peek.